Federal Sherpa

I help lawyers navigate federal court practice, so they can stay focused on their client and their case.

Let's face it---the more comfortable you are in court, the better you'll present your client's case. If you’re new to federal court, or just haven't filed there in awhile, I can tell you what to expect and help you avoid pitfalls. Case got removed? Facing a motion to dismiss? I can be your co-counsel, local counsel, or an advisor on the sidelines. Proving or defending a federal case can be a steep climb, especially if you don’t do it every day. Wouldn't it be nice to have some help from a Sherpa?

  • Knowing when to call the court (and when not to);
  • Understanding the Local Rules;
  • Navigating ECF filing, courtroom technology, and handling evidence at trial;
  • Sweating the “small” stuff (appearances, pro hac vice motions, courtroom etiquette);
  • Coordinating third-party discovery and post-judgment motion practice (subpoenas and applications under 28 USC § 1782, motions to vacate or modify federal judgments, motions for contempt and sanctions)