Arbitration Decisions

I research, write, and edit arbitration decisions and awards, so that arbitrators can spend more time hearing evidence and deciding cases.

Did you become an arbitrator because you loved to write? I didn’t think so. Arbitrators think through tough problems and make reasoned decisions, and it’s often necessary to present those decisions in a polished piece of writing. These days, that writing is more likely than ever to be reviewed in court. So the challenge is to write a decision that will meet the parties’ demands for clarity, comprehensiveness, speed, and cost--yet that will also withstand scrutiny under the Federal Arbitration Act.

I can help with that. As a longtime federal law clerk, I understand how to communicate a well-reasoned decision in writing, and how to produce that writing on a deadline. If you tell me what you have in mind and give me the record, I can create a first draft of your decision. If you’re already working on something and would like to delegate the research and editing, I can offer support in the writing process. I aim to deliver high-quality work product at reasonable cost, and help you handle your workload more efficiently.

Judges have law clerks to help them put their decisions in writing; now you can too. I’ve worked with several arbitrators who would be happy to tell you more about how I’ve helped them. Next time you have a case that might require a serious bit of writing, give me a call and let’s see what I can do for you.